Man and Van Hastings

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Charges starts when we arrive at pickup address and finishes when we are leaving. You pay for the hours you have booked, even if we finish earlier.

if the properties, that we are loading and unloading from, are above or below the ground floor we will charge an additional £10 per floor as a one off charge. i.e. if you are moving from a 1st floor flat to a 2nd floor flat, with no lifts, we will charge our hourly rate plus an additional, one off charge of £30.

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that parking is available at both the collection and delivery address. An additional charge will apply if we are unable to park near to the properties.

Where the property, either collection or delivery, is above three floors we will use 3 men for the removal and you will be charged accordingly per hourly rate.

If you are waiting for keys, or there is a 'your fault' delay we will continue to charge at the full rate.

An additional charge of £0.50 per mile will apply to work where the destination is more than 10 miles from the collection and will be charged as a round trip.

We offer FREE VISITS to your property or office to give you an estimate on time needed. This service is provided for people who are unsure on how many hours they will need.Or if you are moving to another city and do not know if everything will fit in our vans.